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IPFS Gateway Conformance Test Suite

The purpose of IPFS Gateway Conformance is to provide a HTTP-based, vendor-agnostic conformance test suite for users and implementers of IPFS.

It ensures implementations comply with a subset of IPFS Specifications beyond HTTP Gateway functionality. Tests included in this suite can be used to verify the implementations of data formats beyond raw blocks and CARs, such as HAMT-sharded UnixFS, DAG-CBOR, or even DNSLink and IPNS Records.

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Testing Dashboard

Test results organized by conformance test groups and implementations. Suited for IPFS Implementers and Test Maintainers.

IPFS Specs Dashboard

Test results organized by specifications and implementations. Suited for IPFS users comparing specs, and implementers focusing on a specific spec.


Conformance Test Suite
Source code for the conformance test suite generating this website.
IPFS Specs
The official, complete, IPFS specs.

Add your Implementation

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Similar dashboard can be created for your own implementation. Once it is spec-complaint, create a Pull Request to get your implementation featured.